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'You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust your sail.'



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Groupe PSA (Peugeot Citroen Opel Vauxhall) EU-LIVE concept

prototype 0.85m (33in) wide


VW L1 2009 1.24m (50in) wide, 1.1m (44in) high non-tilting concept
VW Group Nils 1.39m (55in) wide, 1.1m (44in) high, small frontal area, non-tilting concept
Renault Twizy 1.24m (50in) wide, base-heavy, hard suspension, non-tilting production
BMW Clever project prototype - has been crash tested
BMW prototype mule
Toyota i-Road prototype 0.85m (34in) wide.
Lumeneo Smera 0.96m (39in) wide, 20 degree from vertical tilt prototype
Nissan Landglider 1.1m (44in) wide, 17 degree from vertical tilt prototype
Audi E-Tron urban concept
Opel RAK-E concept
Mercedes F300 Lifejet prototype
















Yamaha MWC-4 reference vehicle 0.9m (36in) wide


SynergEthic Tilter 0.9m (36in) wide prototype
Peraves Monotracer/Ecomobile/X-Tracer/E-Tracer outriggers up 1.25m (49in) width, outriggers down 1.4m (55in), 0.19 Cd - lowest of any production vehicle. X-Prize tandem winner.
Carver 1.3m (52in) wide when upright, 1.5m (60 in) wide when fully tilted was produced
IMA Colibri 1.18m (46.5 in) wide prototype non-tilting - first vehicle in its class (L7e) to pass a virtual Euro-NCAP crash test.