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Groupe PSA (Peugeot Citroen Opel Vauxhall) concept prototype 0.85m (34in) wide



VW L1 2009 1.24m (50in) wide, 1.1m (44in) high non-tilting concept
VW Group Nils 1.39m (55in) wide, 1.1m (44in) high, small frontal area, non-tilting concept
Renault Twizy 1.24m (50in) wide, base-heavy, hard suspension, non-tilting production
BMW Clever project prototype - has been crash tested
BMW prototype mule
Toyota i-Road prototype 0.85m (34in) wide.
Lumeneo Smera 0.96m (39in) wide, 20 degree from vertical tilt prototype
SynergEthic Tilter 0.9m (36in) wide prototype
Nissan Landglider 1.1m (44in) wide, 17 degree from vertical tilt prototype
Peraves Monotracer/Ecomobile/X-Tracer/E-Tracer outriggers up 1.25m (49in) width, outriggers down 1.4m (55in), 0.19 Cd - lowest of any production vehicle. X-Prize tandem winner.
Carver 1.3m (52in) wide when upright, 1.5m (60 in) wide when fully tilted was produced
Audi E-Tron urban concept
Opel RAK-E concept
Mercedes F300 Lifejet prototype

















Yamaha MWC-4 reference vehicle 0.9m (36in) wide


IMA Colibri 1.18m (46.5 in) wide prototype non-tilting - first vehicle in its class (L7e) to pass a virtual Euro-NCAP crash test.

SynergEthic Tilter


Lumeneo Smera


BMW/Bath University Clever Project


Nissan Langlider




VW Group Nils


Audi E-Tron


GM Opel/Kiska RAK-E


Renault Twizy


Commuter Cars Tango


Peraves Monotracer/Ecomobile/X-Tracer/E-Tracer


Mercedes F300 Lifejet


Toyota iRoad


IMA Colibri