About IPDI


'The best way to predict the future is to invent it'.

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'Automotive-Lite: Inclusive minimobility - liberating the road ahead'.



Welcome. IPDI are genuinely proactive in developing intellectual property and designing for manufacture. By identifying large, universal, or high specification market niches, using innovative technologies with unique selling points, combined with proven strategies, it is possible to maximise global business opportunities for associated investors and manufacturing companies.


'Half the width, quarter the energy, in half the journey time'.


Project 001 is a 'cleantech', next generation, paradigm shift technology in the automotive sector, 'autotech' to address changing mobility trends, demographics and the zero-emissions economy. We have invented a system for making cars with half the conventional width, quarter the mass and road footprint with affordability and all the convenience and comforts.


All the comfort, speed, weather-proofing and convenience of cars, plus additional advantages of parking/congestion-busting and affordability (to include emerging markets) and high centre of gravity tolerance with large diameter wheels for safety.


New-generation family of vehicle types, including delivery and taxis is enabled by our unique, high centre of gravity tolerant, patent-granted, proprietary, scalable, automotive suspension, steering,

drivetrain modular platform system.


Positively incentivising habitual drivers away from congestion causing cars, vans, taxis for 65-90% of one and two person road journeys. Tilting trailer can extend carrying capacity. Other larger vehicles may be hired or used for the remaining trips.


To enable desirable ultra-narrow, parking and congestion-busting characteristics and maintain stability, a vehicle must tilt to adjust its centre-of-gravity (Cg), as cyclists, skiers, runners and horses lean when cornering, to efficiently maintain momentum.


Ultra-efficient, modular, upgradable, inclusive, sustainable, circular, vehicle-types. Scope to include suspension systems and whole-vehicle architecture; three wheelbase-configurations are possible with common components, including option of swappable battery sets. Each configuration has its’ own market segment.


Ground-up design of ultra-efficient, ultra-low in-use and through-life GHG, CO2, SOx and NOx emissions, including brake wear and tyre wear, PM10 and PM2.5. On-road and off-road practical vehicle design modular platform may help others meet Euro7 average range emissions legislation and avoid fines.


Access to our proprietary, unique, patented, promising, enabling hardware and software automotive suspension, steerign and drivetrain system, is the key to help allow manufacturers to develop the above.


The technology is vehicle power source agnostic, so future-proofed.


Vehicle may be manned, unmanned or remote-driven / tele-operated.